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Group yoga:


group yoga consists of facilitating classes for yoga studios, gym, leisure centres, along with charities, events and corporates. All classes are accessible and beginner friendly if needed. Upon request classes can be modified and constructed specifically for students needs and desires. 

Private/Individual yoga:

private or individual yoga is for anyone  (or couples/ friends) wanting to hone in on or improve their own practice. Classes can be offered in blocks on a negotiated price scale. These classes can be all designed to focus on your specific needs and goals.

 Public Schedule ! (November 14 - 20th )

Yoga Offerings  


Morning Flow, 8:15 - Yogarise (peckham + online)



Vinyasa, 19:15, More Yoga, Angel


Mediation, 12:00 pm - Perks at Work

yoga for anxiety, 17:00 - Perks at Work


Vinyasa, 7:30am - Wildroots

Hatha, 9:30am - Yogarise