acceptance is an active surrender

it's safe to say that 2020 is chaos. It is month 12 of a year that has had enough tears, laughs, illnesses, hugs, lack of hugs, growing pains, tears X2, and stagnation for a life time. It has also for me, been almost equally ups and downs. this year again, has been chaos. What i am grappling with at the moment is acceptance - and what it means to me.

i have come to decide that acceptance is the permission i give myself to move in a different way; one that is more in line with my current reality. Acceptance is not giving up. Acceptance is an active surrender. It is what strength feels like. I am, like many others, coming to terms with the fact that sometimes it is not just about what effort you put into your tasks. You can move with intention, you can put in the required hours, you can shape shift your vision and sometimes it simply does not materialise. I have tried and failed to get many things off the ground this year. I have also had immense opportunity to listen to my and body and to open my heart to more experiences. i learned to build bonds and cut ties in almost equal measure - i have learned to accept.

acceptance, like virtually everything else is a practice. it must be habitual. below are some things that help me..


tips for acceptance:

  • an understanding that when you accept something it does not mean you are happy with it - it means you are aware that it is your reality

  • not accepting a situation or scenario keeps you from moving forward, it holds you in the past

  • writing down all outcomes you thought possible from your scenario and see if where you currently are was on that list (accepting something you never thought was possible may encourage you to enter new situations with a more open mind about outcomes)

  • learning to focus more on output not outcome with the purpose of lessening attachment

  • breathing techniques that take you out of the past and into the present, or simply focusing on your breath in general

  • setting yourself tasks that have very unpredictable outcomes to creatively train the brain on how to digest your situations

unrelated to acceptance somewhat, but something that always offers me solace when I am feeling stuck, or stubborn to accept my reality is reading.. I have a book club if you would love to join :)

send me an e-mail, or instagram dm if you would like to join. x

lots of love,

Ang x

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