Mental Health Support Services



Mental Health + 

Mental Health + is a workshop series developed mainly for charities, corporates and events,  they are based in mental health + varying intersectionalities (e.g. mental health + employment, mental health + physical health, mental health + self love). These workshops are designed to offer information, encourage compassion and open dialogue.

All workshops can be delivered as solo one-off workshops, or can be developed to span over a few days of training. All workshops are also available on a sliding scale price scheme which can be negotiated by getting in contact and discussing goals and desires for what is wanting to be achieved with each workshop. 

Employment Support 

Employment support is an all encompassing service that includes employment, education, training and volunteering. The service aims to support people who are needing support gaining or maintaining any of these roles. This is a bespoke service and is offered in a coaching format, it can be as hands on or off as the client wishes and can be organised in specified appointments or on a retainer basis.  

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